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Thermal store:-

            Based on http://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/SpaceHeating/SolarShed/Tank/Tank.htm

  • Target thermal storage capacity 60kWh
  • Approx thermal store required 425Gallons (1930 litres)
  • Thermal store outside size 2.0mt high x 1.2mt x 1.2mt (7ft x 4ft x 4ft)
  • Max capacity of 500 gallons (2267 litres) with water level @ 1.576mt depth
  • Max thermal capacity of 73kWh with water level @ 1.576mt depth
  • Insulation 150mm (6”) thick Foil backed pink polyisocyanurate insulation (approx R35)
  • Thermal store to be raised to a minimum of 60º C at least once per month to reduce the risk of legionella.
  • Three temp sensors (bottom, middle and top)
  • 1 output heat exchanger to supply the house.
  • 4 input heat exchangers one for each of the following,
    • Small solar array.
    • Large solar array.
    • Oil boiler.
    • Wind turbine tank.