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Results so far with the solar panels:-


The system has been working for some weeks now and I am seeing temps over 60dec C most days when the clouds are not in the way & 40 to 50deg C when cloudy (and or raining)

I have heated my house on some cold evenings and that also works well with a tank temp of approx 40deg C (currently that temp sensor failed, replacements due any day now) (500gallon tank)

This image is generated by the Mango software (Linux open source software http://mango.serotoninsoftware.com/ ) it shows the temp of each of the 4 panels, the average panel temp, the water temp into and out of the panels and when the pump changes state (on/off) over a whole day.

 The image below is of a cloudy day (well sunny spells at best) and the results are:-

You can cleary see when the clouds were overhead !