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These are just some of the links I use all the time:-


Sites about Wind turbines:-

http://www.scoraigwind.com/ Hugh Piggot is one of the most respected people in the world of micro wind turbines and travels the world to show people how to build their own turbines.

www.otherpower.com These people in Canada produce the turbines for people locally in batch's and also sell the parts to the US & Canada, so they are always working out better ways of doing things, so they produce some very good systems, I have their book so I know the latest designs they are using.


Solar thermal solutions:-

www.builditsolar.com this site covers all types of solar and energy reduction ideas.

http://builditsolar.com/Projects/SpaceHeating/Space_Heating.htm outlines some amazing and very simple ideas on space heating.

http://builditsolar.com/Experimental/CopperAlumCollector/Construction.htm and builditsolar.com/Experimental/CopperAlumCollector/CopperAlumCol.htm outline the solar panel design I have based some on my ideas on.

I hope these are usefull