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Status as of 1/7/2010

I have been joined by 5 other local people to build a batch of 6off 17ft 6kw 48v turbines, I had done all of the CAD drawings and the unit has been costed (on the projected cost of just over 1250.00Euro ).

I have the bearing assembly, 9.6mt tower, control box with isolator/kill switch, 100mt of cable from the turbine to the control panel and the magnets available.

I have ordered the following parts:-

3 phase 150amp rectiver to convert the 48c 3 phase AC to 48v DC. (delivered)

6 48v DC water heating elements (1 x 500watt, 1 x 1000watt, 4 x 1200watt) (delivered)

Magnet pole sensor (delivered)

One of the other members in the group has started to order the metal parts for the turbine, so parts should arrive soon.

I also now have a 3d model of the blades and we have a local person with a CNC machine that can take our model & cut the blades so that will mean they should all be exactly the same size and can me made quickly

Current ETA end Sept 2010

More news to follow soon.

1st Sept 2010

All of the trubine metal parts are laser cut where possible, welded, and now being painted.

The gin pole and other tower hinge parts are cut ready to be welded.

The 4 guy wire pins (well 8" x 5" "I" beams each 5 ft long) are ready.

We  have made the coil winding rig.

We are making the moulds for the magnets plates & the stator.

I have marked out the position of the turbine & guy pins in the field ready for the holes to be dug.

Photos below:-