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Ok, I now have the following setup and working:-


  • 2250 Litre water tank, 3 temperature sensors (max 125 deg C)
  • Tank current temperature 40.5 Deg C
  • 0.15Deg C variation between the top and bottom of the tank.
  • 4 solar panels of approx 10.0 Sq mt each panel with its own temperature sensor (max recorded temp 98.75 Deg C)
  • Temperature sensors on the input and output supply pipes to the solar panels.
  • 3/4" supply pipes from the tank the solar panels.
  • The pump turns on when the average panel temperature is 7Deg C or higher than the tank temperture and turns off when the temperature is 4Deg C or lower than the tank temperature.
  • The system is operating under software control on an old laptop and logging all changes in temperature every 30 seconds.
  • I have the 6 x 48volt elements ready for the wind turbine, 1 x 500watt, 1 x 1000watt and 4 x 1200 watt = 6300watts of water heaters.
  • I have the 30amp contactors ready to be wired up.
  • I have the copper parts to make the manifold to allow the elements to heat the water and pump that heat into the water tank manifold.
  • I have the manifold ready to allow me to take the energy from the tank and heat the house and hot water system. (need to fit the solenoid values to the existing system and them connect the manifold to the new valves)