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Well a very good day, I started building the thermal store, as planned it is based on the one I saw on www.builditsolar.com but on its end, so it is 1.22mt x 1.080mt (in side sizes) and 2.2mt high, which is 2.898 Qubic metres (2898 litres (638 gallons) of water if totally full) but I plan to only use a absolute MAX 2635litres (580 gallons) (still very big and very heavy) and am more likely to start at 2270 litres (500 gallons)

It is all made from 20mm marine ply (2.440mt x 1.22mt (8ft x 4ft x 3/4") with 2" x 2" corner braces and that will also be reinforced using 6" x 2" beams. and insulated with 2" foil faced 140deg C insulation and then a 6" foil faced 140deg C insulation outer layer (I do not want to lose any of my hard made energy, and the insulation is actually fairly low cost.

Anyway the first days photos are available http://deniscroombs.org/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=29