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Ok, over the last few weeks:-

I have finished the woodwork that is the thermal store and put the 2" insulation on the 2 sides that need it, and the 6" on all 4 sides (so now 2 sides have 8" and the other 2 sides have 6")

deniscroombs.org/gallery/main.php will show you the photos of this stage.

I have started to put the outer layer of insulation (1") outside the main layer to make sure there are no thermal bridges between the water and the outside "Cold air".

I am also putting 1" insulation inside the tank to protect the pond liner from any sharp edges and reduce the heat loss into the structure of the store.

I have now also ordered the liner (25 year life) so it should be here in the next few days.

I have also made the first frame for the solar panel and the ally shaped plates have arrived so I need to cut the copper tubes and solder the manifold and then fit it all into the solar panel, photos to follow later (day job getting in the way of progress at the moment)